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Lonely Girls is our ongoing journal series featuring candid portraits of inspiring women in their own spaces wearing Lonely, their way.

Lonely Girls

Anna, Fine Arts Student from Auckland in her Lux. 

Lonely Girls

Seiko shot in Nara, Japan wearing Winona. 

Lonely Girls

Karley, Writer and Vogue Columnist wears Cyd Bib Bra and Brief. 

'It's no secret: we've grown up in a society where women are held to unrealistic beauty standards, where the female body has been long fetishized and policed. This is why I am so proud to be part of a generation of women intent on reclaiming their bodies & hijacking the male gaze.'


Lonely Girls

Bex from Wellington, New Zealand in her Winona


Lonely Girls

Textile designer Marta at home in Wellington for Lonely Girls wears Agnes Underwire Taupe

Lonely Girls
Ruth, Grace, Bridget and Bonnie

Sisters, Ruth, Grace, Bridget and Bonnie in Lonely Lingerie

"We go together like butter & bread, there's a whole lot of love."

Lonely Girls

Jess in her Agnes Underwire Black, Wellington.

"The real reason I'd like to do Lonely Girls is that I do rather hope women who have had breast cancer (like I have and lost one breast) will still be confident with their bodies" 

Lonely Girls

Anja, Designer for Lonely in her backyard with Hank wearing Gigi Black

Lonely Girls
Lonely Girls

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