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Inspired by the women who wear it, Lonely is a highly productive values driven company that aims to make a positive difference in the lives of women all over the world. 

Lonely creates an environment that promotes teamwork alongside supporting individual development and leadership, relationships are built from a common set of values and principles that are never compromised. 

Our company culture is built around embracing diversity, celebrating uniqueness and prioritising quality over convenience. We believe our brand begins with bringing highly motivated, passionate individuals together to fuel collaboration, creativity and positive change. 

Each application received will be given equal, careful consideration.


Lonely Digital Part Time Assist  

Auckland, New Zealand.

This role is responsible for upholding digital delivery excellence, from receiving orders to values based service success, customer satisfaction and inventory management. 

Among other things, responsibilities include order processing, returns and exchanges, customer retention, digital service standards that deliver a high level of brand and product engagement, operational excellence, a meticulous and prompt approach to administration and inventory control, while building out the Lonely brand through lasting digital experiences that create a positive impact on others.

Individuals who enjoy task based work, who are comfortable working within a structure that has been established, while looking for ways to improve, would be well suited. The right candidate enjoys standardised systems and procedures, pays attention to small details and strives for accuracy. A low need for direct people contact or someone who is motivated by working along would be a bonus. 

We seek those who are passionate about the Lonely brand and products, an individual who can drive our brand values and is committed to improving the lives of women all over the world. 

12 hours per week. 

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